Saskatchewan Junior Hockey League

2020 Skills Competition – Results

Isaiah Thomas pulls off an amazing shootout move on Randy Cooke during the Skills Competition. PHOTO - Durr Photography

The Estevan Bruins hosted their annual ‘Skills Competition & Community Skate’ on Sunday, February 23rd at Affinity Place.

It was a great afternoon for the players to showcase their immense talent, and for the fans of the team to enjoy an up close and personal experience with the Bruins.

The players were divided into two teams: Team Gold and Team Grey.

There were seven different competitions to compete in: Hardest Shot, Accuracy Shooting, Fastest Skater, Fastest Backwards Skater, Team Relay, Shootout, and a ‘Trick-Move’ Shootout where style was awarded over actually scoring.

Points were distributed for the top 4 finishers and their teams for the Hardest Shot, Accuracy Shooting, Fastest Skater, Fastest Backwards Skater, and Trick-Move Shootout.  5 points were awarded for the Team Relay Winner, and 1 point was awarded to each team for every goal or save in the Shootout.

Team Gold won the total competition over Team Grey by a final score of 85-58. Your individual winners are:

HARDEST SHOT – TIE: Austin King-Cunningham & Devan Harrison (96mph)

ACCURACY SHOOTING – Brady Nicholas (4 targets in the quickest time)

FASTEST SKATER – Cody Davis (13.73 seconds)

FASTEST BACKWARDS SKATER – Kade McMillen (15.75 seconds)

TRICK-MOVE SHOOTOUT – Isaiah Thomas and Cody Davis (10 out of 10 score)

SHOOTOUT – Team Grey won 14-8.

TEAM RELAY – Team Gold won, time of 2:05.

Full results will be posted below. Thanks to everyone who came out and enjoyed the Estevan Bruins Skills Competition & Community Skate!


96mph – Austin King-Cunningham & Devan Harrison

89mph – Tylor Ludwar

88mph – Tanner Manz

87mph – Alex Von Sprecken

86mph – Kersey Reich

84mph – Dain Sardelli

80mph – Brady Nicholas


1st – Brady Nicholas

2nd – Mason Strutt

3rd – Erik Boers

4th – Griffin Asham-Moroz

5th – Tanner Manz

6th – Eddie Gallagher & Tyson Manz

8th – Tyler Savage


13.73 – Cody Davis

13.75 – Caleb Petrie

13.90 – Ryder Pierson

14.02 – Jayden Davis

14.13 – Dain Sardelli

14.26 – Troy Hamilton

14.70 – Isaiah Thomas

14.83 – Eddie Gallagher


15.75 – Kade McMillen

16.52 – Devan Harrison

16.73 – Dayton Deics

16.76 – Kersey Reich

16.80 – Alex Von Sprecken

17.30 – Austin King-Cunningham

17.56 – Tylor Ludwar

17.71 – Griffin Asham-Moroz

Other results not recorded.