Saskatchewan Junior Hockey League

Bruins Add Manz Twins To Leadership Group For Remainder Of Season

The Estevan Bruins have announced that 20-year-old forwards Tanner and Tyson Manz will serve as Alternate Captains for the rest of the 2019/20 season.

The Manz brothers will wear an ‘A’ on the front of their jersey during road games only. Meanwhile, Isaiah Thomas and Devan Harrison (who have worn the ‘A’ on both sets of jerseys since the start of the year) will now wear the ‘A’ for home games only. Kade McMillen will continue to wear his ‘A’ both at home and on the road, with Jayden Davis continuing to wear the ‘C’ as captain on both jerseys.

The addition of Tyson and Tanner to the leadership group was made to recognize and reward the two forwards for their strong play early this season, their dedication to the team on and off the ice, and their positive influence out in the community of Estevan since joining the team at the start of the 2017/18 season.

For any single game, a team can have up to four players designated as ‘captains’. Typically, this would include one Captain and three Alternate Captains. The main role of these captains during games is to be the players that referees or linesman talk to when questions arise mid-game, whether it be about penalties, reasons why penalties are not called, disputing goals and offside/icing calls, or to relay messages to each team’s coaches if necessary.

HOME (Gold Jerseys)

Captain – Jayden Davis, Alternates – Kade McMillen, Isaiah Thomas, Devan Harrison

AWAY (White Jerseys)

Captain – Jayden Davis, Alternates – Kade McMillen, Tanner Manz, Tyson Manz