Saskatchewan Junior Hockey League

Bruins Take Master the Power Plays Over Millionaires 8-2

The Estevan Bruins travelled to Melville to face off on Saturday January 29th.

The traveled team hit the ice hard, but their opponents the Millionaires were out to set an example.  Melvilles Charles Thomas- Larochelle #16 (Assisted by Nicholas Samson #11 and Jonathan  Krahn #71) took the first goal of the game at 6:25. This only charged the Bruins as shortly after Oliver Pouliot #8 (Assisted Nolan Jones #11) tied the score at  7:25. Not too long after  Millionaires Noah Wills #54 (Assisted by Jonathan Krahn #71) plucked one in at 8:11.

At this point the game had become a match of back and forth, but that would be the last goal Melville would score for the game. What followed was a quick two goals scored by Cody Davis #9 (Assisted by Kade Runke #18, Alex Von Sprecken #4), 8:49, followed out by Mark Rumsey #7 (Assisted by Oliver Pouliot #8, Eric Houk #12)at 10:16.

At 15:33 in the first period the Melville Millionaires would receive a penalty for tripping giving the Bruins a Power-play, in which Keagon  Little #20 (Assisted by Nolan Jones #11), would get their first power play goal at 17:02 (PP). Keagon must of started a trend, as more power play goals would take off int he 2nd Period.

The second period would see their next two goals in a power play trend. Goal by Nolan Jones #11 (Assisted by Jamie Valentino #21, Billy Sowa#15), 7:13 (PP). A third power play goal would end the second period by Cody Davis #10 (Assisted by Kade Runke#18, Jamie Valentino #21),at 16:17.

The 3rd Period took a rough turn, but not the way you would think. The start went of nicely with two more goals by the Bruins. Oliver Pouliot #8 would score his second goal of the game (Assisted by Mikol Sartor #19, Eric Pearce #16), at the 2:00 mark, while the final goal would be scored not even a mere minute later by Mikol Sartor #19 (Assisted by Oliver Pouliot #8) at 2:53.

The reminder of the 3rd period would be where the gloves would come off. It seemed as the Millionaires and the Bruins had enough and things got rough. Jamie Valentino #21 would take the first roughing penalty at 4:42. Alex Von Sprecken #4 would get into a fight with Melvilles Jonathan Krahn #71, which went from a major fight to a game misconduct. Aleska Babic would also get a roughing call at 9:07 against Melvilles Liam Burns. Melvilles Cole Larocque would receive the final roughing penalty at 13:46. As things got heated in the final period it is only curious as what will happen when the Bruins and the Millionaires face each other Sunday night at Affinity Place.