Saskatchewan Junior Hockey League

Certified Energy ‘Chase the Ace’ Fundraiser

The Jackpot Starts At $3,500, courtesy of Certified Energy Services! The Progressive Jackpot will continue to grow until someone pulls the Ace of Spades!

Support the Estevan Bruins and potentially WIN BIG in the Certified Energy Chase The Ace raffle!!!

Each week, purchase your tickets for a chance to not only win that week’s draw…but the opportunity to pick the Ace of Spades from our deck of cards and win the Progressive Jackpot! 20% of sales from each week will be won by one lucky ticket. Then that person will attempt to draw the Ace of Spades and if the Ace is drawn, that person wins the Grand Prize! If a different card is drawn, the prize pot carries over to next week where it continues to grow until the Ace of Spades is eventually drawn and the grand prize is awarded!

And to add an extra layer of excitement, our prize pot will begin at an eye-popping $3,500 thanks to our partners at Certified Energy Services!

Draws take place every Saturday night at 8:15pm at The Beef Bar in Estevan! Join us each week live for the draw, but we will also be broadcasting each draw on Facebook Live! You do not need to be present to win the draw each week, as a proxy will be used to draw the card if the winning purchaser is not in attendance. All winners will be contacted following the draw.


Tickets are $5.00 each and must be purchased each week to be eligible for the next draw. Tickets can be purchased in person at the Estevan Bruins office at Affinity Place during office hours OR you can send a message to the Estevan Bruins Facebook Page indicating the number of tickets you would like to purchase. You can send an E-transfer to pay for your tickets to: before 8:00pm each Saturday. Once payment is received, a photo of your tickets will be messaged back to you to confirm your ticket numbers.

*NOTE – All tickets must be purchased within the province of Saskatchewan. Names on all tickets purchased should reflect that they live in Estevan and surrounding area.

All proceeds will support the Estevan Bruins Hockey Club! Good luck and thank you for your support! #GoBruinsGo

WEEK 1 WINNER: Joanne Dukart ($321.00) – Card: 2 of Hearts (Jackpot of $3,981.50 carried over)

WEEK 2 WINNER: Connie Gibson ($348.00) – Card: 2 of Clubs (Jackpot of $4,503.50 carried over)

WEEK 3 WINNER: Guy Hiltz ($571.00) – Card: 8 of Spades (Jackpot of $5,360.00 carried over)

WEEK 4 WINNER: Darryl Dunbar ($541.00) – Card: 3 of Diamonds (Jackpot of $6,171.50 carried over)

WEEK 5 WINNER: Jeff Carlisle ($540.00) – Card: 5 of Diamonds (Jackpot of $6,981.50 carried over)

WEEK 6 WINNERS: Brent Shier & Brian Freeden ($554.00) – Card: 4 of Diamonds (Jackpot of $7,812.50 carried over)

WEEK 7 WINNER: Andrew Tait ($574.00) – Card: 3 of Hearts (Jackpot of $8,673.50 carried over)

WEEK 8 WINNER: Sammy Dryden ($800.00) – Card: King of Hearts (Jackpot of $9,873.50 carried over)

WEEK 9 WINNER: Selena Thompson ($833.00) – Card: 4 of Spades (Jackpot of $11,123.00 carried over)

WEEK 10 WINNER: Brady Long ($959.00) – Card: 6 of Spades (Jackpot of $12,561.50 carried over)

WEEK 11 WINNER: Connie Gibson ($1,155.00) – Card: 4 of Clubs (Jackpot of $14,294.00 carried over)

WEEK 12 WINNER: Jessie Wilson ($1,063.00) – Card: 6 of Diamonds (Jackpot of $15,888.50 carried over)

Lottery Licence # RR20-0316


Progressive Jackpot builds every week.
1. 20% of each week’s sales is won by the drawn ticket that night.
2. 30% of each week’s sales is added to the progressive jackpot if ace of spades is not drawn.
3. 50% of each week’s sales is allocated to the Estevan Bruins organization.

– You must be a minimum of 19 years of age to purchase tickets.
– No refunds on ticket purchases.
– Tickets are only eligible for one draw.
– Draw Dates: Dec. 12th, 2020, Dec. 19th, 2020, Jan. 2nd, 2021, Jan. 9th, 2021, Jan. 16th, 2021, Jan. 23rd, 2021, Jan. 30th, 2021, Feb. 6th, 2021, Feb. 13th, 2021, Feb. 20th, 2021, Feb. 27th, 2021, Mar. 6th, 2021, Mar. 13th, 2021, Mar. 20th, 2021, Mar. 27th, 2021, Apr. 3rd, 2021, Apr. 10th, 2021, Apr. 17th, 2021, Apr. 24th, 2021, May 1st, 2021, May 8th, 2021, May 15th, 2021, May 22nd, 2021, May 29th, 2021, June 5th, 2021. *THERE WILL BE NO DRAW THE WEEK OF DEC. 26th, 2020.
– If there are multiple names on one ticket, the prize will be awarded to the first name on the ticket. The Estevan Bruins and SLGA are not responsible for any disputes that may arise between different individuals whose names appear on the ticket. The Estevan Bruins Chase the Ace lottery reserves the right to publish the names of the winners.
– Random ticket draw takes place at 8:15pm at The Beef Bar – winner gets 20% of that week’s sales.
– Purchasers are not required to be present at the draw to win. If a purchaser is present, they will be required to draw a card and claim their prize. If a purchaser is not present, a CHARITY ASSIGNED PROXY will make the draw on the purchaser’s behalf.
– These people are designated as a CHARITY ASSIGNED PROXY: Danny Ewen, Amanda Wanner, Jason Tatarnic.
– Draw winner gets chance to win the 30% progressive jackpot by drawing from the deck of cards.
– If the Ace of Spades is chosen, the winner gets the progressive jackpot.
– If the Ace of Spades is not drawn, the selected card is destroyed and the 30% goes into the progressive jackpot for the next week’s draw. Progressive jackpot grows larger every week!
– Committee members involved with cutting the deck, selling the tickets or drawing of the tickets are not eligible to participate for that week’s draw.
– Contest continues with the same deck of cards until the Ace of Spades is drawn.
– Once the Ace of Spades is drawn a new contest may begin.
– The pot will be seeded with $3,500 to begin the raffle. If a new contest is started within the same license term, the pot will once again be seeded with $3,500.
– There is no limit on the number of tickets that can be purchased for a draw, except in the case of the play out draw.
– If the committee decides that there are not enough tickets to continue, they will get approval from SLGA and will announce that the play out will be held at the following week’s event. The committee reserves the right to limit the amount of tickets sold to an individual of $100 per person during the play out week or the final week of the draw.
– Should the license near expiry, and the Ace of Spades is not drawn, the game will be played out until the Ace of Spades is drawn.
– In the event of a playout, the first person to have their ticket drawn that evening will receive the 20% payout for that evening’s ticket sales. All subsequent tickets drawn will receive the chance to draw for the ace of spades only.