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Connie Gibson Repeats As Weekly Winner In Certified Energy ‘Chase the Ace’ Raffle!

Connie Gibson with her Week 11 winnings of $1,155.00!

The odds for someone to win the jackpot in our Certified Energy ‘Chase the Ace’ raffle last Saturday were 1 in 42. The odds for Connie Gibson to win the weekly prize and become the first repeat winner of the fundraiser were 1 in 1,155. Guess which one happened?!!

Of course, someone had to win the weekly prize as each week 20% of that week’s sales are awarded to one lucky person. But when Connie Gibson’s name was pulled, those watching the draw live at The Beef Bar and others watching online on Facebook Live all had the same reaction: “Are you serious?!” That’s because Connie had already won the weekly prize way back in Week 2 of $348 and had now won the Week 11 prize of $1,155, becoming a repeat winner in the raffle!

“I’m still in shock. I couldn’t believe it, we were driving when the draw was being made and all of a sudden I started getting these messages saying that I won the draw again and I was like ‘What?!'”, expressed Gibson when picking up her cheque on Monday afternoon. “It’s been unreal, and I’m just glad that it’s become a very successful fundraiser for the team.”

“Connie is one of several people that has purchased tickets for every week of our fundraiser, but she just seems to have that extra bit of luck on her side right now!” adds Danny Ewen, Marketing Director for the Bruins. “I was surprised when I pull her name for Week 11, and so was everyone else that was there for the draw. Congratulations to Connie, we’re grateful to her and everyone else who continue to buy tickets and support our fundraiser!”


The Bruins have awarded $7,196.00 between the 11 weekly winners to this point, while the team has made $17,990.00 through 50% of ticket sales. Our Progressive Jackpot, which receives 30% of all ticket sales, has risen to around $14,500.00 as of Monday afternoon. That jackpot was also seeded with $3,500 to start the fundraiser, thanks to our partnership with Certified Energy Services.

For complete rules of play. list of winners, and details, please CLICK ON THIS LINK.

Week 12 of the Certified Energy ‘Chase the Ace’ raffle is underway! Tickets are only $5/each and you can purchase yours any of the following ways:

📲 E-Transfer to:

☎ (306) 634-7730 to arrange another payment method at our office.

🍕🍻 Tickets available anytime at The Tower Cafe or The Beef Bar, just ask your server!

🍕 Saturday’s between 4pm-6pm at Willy’s Taphouse

🍻 Saturday’s between 6pm-8pm at The Beef Bar