Saskatchewan Junior Hockey League

Eric Clark Finishes 4th Overall in SJHL’s ‘Best in Sask.’ eSports Tournament

🤜🤛 Fistbumps to Bruins’ goaltender Eric Clark (Gamertag: Pavelow_Panic88) who made the semi-final of the SJHL‘s eSports ‘Best in Sask’ tournament on championship weekend!
Clarky defeated three others in the Estevan Bruins pool (7-1 record, +64 Goal Diff.) to become the Bruins’ team rep. in the 12-team tournament. Then Eric defeated fellow SJHL player Zach McIntyre from Melville to become 1 of 2 reps. from the Viterra Division.
Clark then finished 4th in the ‘Final 6 Round Robin’ to qualify for the Best-of-3 semi-final against OWNTHEBLUE, who was undefeated at that point. Clark then handed OWNTHEBLUE his lone loss of the event by winning Game 1, before Eric lost Game 2 and Game 3. OWNTHEBLUE, a 15-year-old kid named Declan, would go on to win the championship and the $2,500 grand prize.
Clark was 1 of 9 real SJHL players in the event, and the lone one to make the semi-final round. Shoutout to Eric and to everyone behind-the-scenes who made the eSports #SJCircuitSeries such a great success!