Saskatchewan Junior Hockey League

Jersey’s, Scoring, $5000 50/50 and Pizza For Everyone

The Estevan Bruins crushed the Weyburn Red Wings 10-0 Saturday night at Affinity Place, much to the delight of the 2,370 fans in attendance, making it the biggest crowd at Affinity Place this season.

It was also the first time the Bruins have hit double digits in goals in a single game this season. They had gotten to nine in two previous games. The Bruins fired 55 shots at the Red Wing net. This was a exciting game for many of the team members, including newcomer Damon Byers had a three point night on the back end. Can Hrdlicka also picked up his 16th win of the season, including another shut out. The Bruins celebrate their win and will next travel to La Ronge to face the Ice wolves this week.

The Affinity Place was extremely busy on the Saturday, which brought in a few surprises to the audience, including the 50/50. By the end of the evening , the 50/50 had reached a staggering $11,000 meaning one lucky winer went home with over $5,000 in pocket.

The Jersey Auction took place during the intermissions, combined with the online auctions, over $23,000 was raised for the Bruins Education Fund.

The biggest surprise was when the Bruins #18 Kade Runke scored four times in a single game, winning the entire arena free 8″ pizzas from the Tower Cafe. We asked Pete Sereggela what he thought about the 4th goal occurrence.


“We’ve been waiting for this to happen for a long time. Last time a Bruins player scored 4 times in a single home game was 2017! We want to congratulate Kade on a job well done!”

There was only 2:30 left in the game when the fourth and final goal was scored, leaving huge cheers and praise from the stands. “Runke just became the most popular man in town”, many stated as they exited the Affinity on Saturday night.

We at the Bruins would like to thank the Tower Cafe and Pete Sereggela for their continuing support of the Bruins, and let it be known, that we can not promise that our boys in black and yellow won’t try to do this again on the 26th.


3:44 EST Kade Runke (15) ASST: Billy Sowa (16)
18:20 EST Eric Houk (16) ASST: Kade Runke (20)
8:26 EST Kade Runke (16) ASST: Eric Houk (23)
8:34 EST Damon Byers (4) ASST: Kian Calder (21), Cody Davis (17)
15:30 EST Dayton Deics (8) ASST: Eric Pearce (22)
17:40 EST Eric Pearce (16) ASST: Olivier Pouliot (36), Damon Byers (5)
8:20 EST Kade Runke (17) ASST: Damon Byers (6)
14:58 EST Kian Calder (7) ASST: Caelan Fitzpatrick (18), Keagon Little (23)
16:31 EST Brandon Ambrozik (8) ASST: Caelan Fitzpatrick (19), Billy Sowa (17)
17:24 EST Kade Runke (18) ASST: Eric Pearce (23), Dayton Deics (22)

Estevan also got some help on the out of town scoreboard. The Humboldt Broncos fell 3-2 in Kindersley, meaning the Bruins now have a 4-point cushion for first place with just six games remaining for both teams.

The Bruins will travel to La Ronge this week for a pair of games with the Ice Wolves.