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NEW! Certified Energy ‘Chase The Ace’ Online Fundraiser Begins!

Support #YourCommunityTeam and you could WIN BIG with our Certified Energy ‘Chase the Ace’ online raffle fundraiser!


The Estevan Bruins are proud to present our first ever ‘Chase the Ace’ online raffle, as big money will be won each week by one lucky person! THEN that weekly winner will have one chance to find the Ace of Spades hidden in one of 52 envelopes and win the progressive jackpot!

Tickets are available online now at OR through the Estevan Bruins office, but all tickets must be purchased online using a credit card. Weekly draws will be held every Tuesday at 6:15pm from the Estevan Leisure Centre, and broadcast on Facebook Live starting on June 15th, 2021.


“Following the incredible success of our previous Chase the Ace fundraiser, our organization has decided to bring back the raffle to the community and our amazing fan base,” expresses Danny Ewen, Director of Marketing & Operations for the Estevan Bruins.

“Only this time, we wanted to make it bigger and better than before! This new online ‘Chase the Ace’ raffle will make it easier and faster for people to get their tickets, the progressive jackpot has the ability to grow for a full 52 weeks, and we have a maximum of 460,000 tickets available to purchase! For our raffle to sell out, our total sales would have to reach $3 million,” adds Ewen.

“So in the event that we sell out before the Ace of Spades is found, our grand prize take-home progressive jackpot will exceed $1.5 million!”

20% of each week’s sales will be won by one lucky person. Then that person will select one envelope in hopes that it holds the Ace of Spades. If so, the winner takes home the weekly prize and the progressive jackpot which is made up of 30% of all weekly sales. If the card is not the Ace of Spades, the progressive jackpot carries over to the next week and continues to grow!

The online raffle will also be given a significant financial boost to kick off the Chase the Ace, with the jackpot starting at $3,500 thanks to our partners at Certified Energy Services!

“The Bruins and Certified Energy Services have had a tremendous partnership for several years now, and we are grateful that Dave Odgers and Carl Henneberg from Certified Energy have once again come on board to support our team and this new fundraiser,” thanked Ewen.

The previous Chase the Ace raffle raised $50,000 for the Estevan Bruins, while $53,500 in prize money was won by 17 different people in the community.

“Our board decided that because our previous raffle was so successful, not only for the team but for the fans in our community, that it was a no-brainer to bring back the Certified Energy ‘Chase the Ace’ raffle. We love that we can award one lucky person with a cash prize each week, and it keeps our connection close to the community when hockey isn’t being played in the offseason,” concluded Ewen.

Follow along with the raffle as weekly winners, the current progressive jackpot, and more announcements will be posted frequently on the Estevan Bruins’ social media pages: FACEBOOKTWITTERINSTAGRAM.

If you “Like πŸ‘” our page on Facebook, you will receive a notification to watch our draw on Facebook Live every Tuesday at 6:15pm and find out if you are the weekly winner! Be sure to have the ringer turned ON your phone, as we will be calling the winner immediately so you are able to select the envelope yourself and potentially win the progressive jackpot!