Saskatchewan Junior Hockey League

Register For The SJHL Circuit Series eSports Tournament!

Sign up TODAY for the chance at $2,500 and the title of the ‘Best in Sask’ with the SJHL Circuit Series!!!
You can battle it out with 5 others to win the first ‘mini-tournament’ and have the honour of playing as the Estevan Bruins! Then, compete against the 11 other SJHL ‘teams’ for the chance to win it all…for yourself and the Bruins! 🐻
✅ $20/fee to register, must submit by April 16th BUT only six spots available to represent the Bruins…so don’t wait!


The tournament will consist of 72 players and each player must have a valid Saskatchewan address to participate. The tournament will consist of 12 individual tournaments to determine the representative from each SJHL franchise. For example, Player 1 can sign-up on the SJHL website to compete to be the Estevan Bruins in NHL 21. Once he/she has signed up, they would then compete against the other five individuals to compete to be the Estevan Bruins. There will be a total of 12 tournaments in the preliminary stages; one for each SJHL franchise.

This unique event gives individuals an opportunity to represent their favourite team while competing to be the “Best In Sask” at NHL 21. Many of the games will be live-streamed on the SJHL’s Twitch channel which has experienced tremendous success, most recently with the SJHL Virtual Showcase. The two-day event produced over 3,500 views and 600+ comments throughout the two days. This event will help capture a new market of SJHL fans as well as introduce current SJHL fans to the world of eSports.


    • 72 registrants will enter for a fee of $20.
        • Sign-up will be on the SJHL Store where you will then be directed to the SJHL’s Discord Account for additional sign-up information.
    • Registrants will be separated into groups of 6 players, creating 12 divisions, one to represent each SJHL team.
    • The winner of each division will be the representative for that team.
        • Example: If Player 1 wins the Melville Millionaires division, Player 1 would be the Melville Millionaires representative.
    • Each division will play a round-robin, with each player getting 5 games. The top 4 in each division will then play a best of three semi-final and final, crowning each division’s champion.
    • Division Champions will then be seeded 1-12 and will play a best of three series to determine the 6 winners to make it into the final event.
    • The final event will occur in Regina, SK, at the Ramada Hotel, where SaskTel will broadcast the event. All participants must be present. Each player will play 5 round-robin games, with the top 4 making it through to the best of three championship semi-final and final.
        • * Subject to change due to COVID-19 restrictions and protocols.
    • The winner of the in-person Finals will take home $2500.
        • For more information on the tournament structure, please see appendix A .


    • The tournament will take place on PlayStation 4 only.
    • There is absolutely zero tolerance for any form of abusive conduct toward other players, as well as any attempt at cheating. Games will be monitored, and offending players will receive a punishment that could include expulsion from the tournament.
    • Game scores must be reported within an hour upon the conclusion of the game. Provide photo evidence, if possible, to solve any disputed scores. If different scores are reported for the same game or one player disputes the score sent in by the other, it will go under investigation.
    • Both players must report the score. If a score is received from only one player, that is the official score. Winners are encouraged to report their scores in a timely manner to ensure accurate results.


SJHL Team Representative Round (Round 1) – 6 Players/SJHL team = 72 players

    • April 16th – Round Robin: 5 games each
      • Top 4 advance and are seeded 1 vs. 4 and 2 vs. 3 in a best-of-three series.
      • Winners play to represent the SJHL franchise location (Ex. Yorkton Terriers representative)

Round 2 – 12 Players

    • May 7th – Each team’s representative will be seeded into three divisional brackets.
    • Sherwood Division
      • 1 vs. 12
      • 4 vs. 9
    • Viterra Division
      • 2 vs. 1
      • 5 vs. 8
    • Global Ag Risk Division
      • 3 vs. 10
      • 6 vs. 7
    • The winners of each series will move on to the finals. There will be two players from each division in the finals.

Finals – 6 Players

    • May 14th-15th – The finals will be played at the Ramada hotel in Regina, SK, while following all COVID-19 protocols.
      • Round Robin: 5 games each
        • Top 4 advance and are seeded 1 vs. 4 and 2 vs. 3 in a best-of-three series.
          • Winners play for the Best In Sask Championship.
          • This is subject to change as per COVID restrictions and protocols.


    • The championship will be an in-person event. The final 6 players will come to Regina, SK to participate in the final round.
    • Accommodations will be taken care of for all players including a hotel room for each player at the Ramada Hotel.
    • The event will be broadcasted on SaskTel
    • The event will be broadcast, and the winner will take home the big cash prize.