Saskatchewan Junior Hockey League

Bruins & Curling Club Split Proceeds From $30,000 Crop Fundraiser

(L-R) Tyler McMillen, Chair of Scotties/Tankard Committee - Pauline Ziehl-Grimsrud, Scotties/Tankard Fundraising Committee - Mayor Roy Ludwig, City of Estevan - Tim Seipp, Redhead Equipment - Tye Olson, Richardson Pioneer - Greg Hoffort, Co-Chair of Centennial Cup Committee - Cory Prokop, Co-Chair of Centennial Cup Committee.


The Estevan Curling Club, 2021 Tankard/Scotties Committee, along with the Estevan Bruins 2022 Centennial Cup Committee are thrilled to announce that the first fundraising crop at the Estevan Airport has been harvested thanks to an impressive effort of many local companies and individuals. On Tuesday night, the Crop Harvest group was pleased to present a cheque for $30,000 to the Estevan Curling Club and Estevan Bruins who will split the proceeds this year and next with proceeds to be used towards the 2021 Scotties/Tankard event and the 2022 Centennial Cup in Estevan.

The canola crop of approximately 160 acres, on land adjacent to the Estevan Municipal Airport provided by the City of Estevan, will provide a major financial boost to both events and those involved are very pleased with the efforts and the resulting crop.

“The City of Estevan being major supporters of both events saw the project as a way to extend our support and to lend to the financial success of the events while lessoning the financial burden to the local business community who typically are called upon to sponsor the lions share of such events.  We were pleased to provide the airport land to make this project possible,” stated Mayor Roy Ludwig.

The two-year project will see the Estevan Curling Club and Estevan Bruins Hockey Club share in the proceeds of the crops grown in 2020 and 2021.

“The Scotties/Tankard Committee thanks all of the participants in the crop fundraiser, with special thanks to Tye Olson who made the project possible.  The funds raised are an important part of ensuring the success of our event.  The cooperation and partnerships with the City and local businesses and individuals is an example of how our community works together,” states Pauline Ziehl-Grimsrud, Estevan Curling Club President.

“The fundraising component involved in hosting national events is significant and large fund raising effort such as this will go a long way to meeting the obligations of both of these amazing events.  The Bruins organization is most appreciative of the efforts of the crews involved in growing and harvesting the crop and the City of Estevan for making the land available for this effort,” adds Centennial Cup Co-Chair, Greg Hoffort.


On behalf of the Estevan Curling Club and Estevan Bruins, we thank the following for their involvement led by Tye Olson, Crop Inputs Manager for Richardson Pioneer Elevator in Estevan:

Major Sponsors of the event include:

  • Mike Marr and Redhead Equipment for the donation of the seeding and harvest equipment,
  • Mike Marr for his personal  time and equipment,
  • Ray Frehlick and Frehlick Farms for the provision of time and equipment,
  • Bayer Crop Science and Mandy Archdekin for the donation of half of the Canola Seed,
  • BrettYoung and Allan Varjassy for the donation of half the Canola Seed,
  • City of Estevan and City Council for the donation of the land,
  • Mosaic for the donation of fertilizer,
  • Richardson Pioneer for Marketing and Agronomy,

Minor Sponsors that made the project possible include:

  • Nufarm and Janel Middleton for the donation of chemical,
  • A & D Trucking and Adam Van De Woestyne for the donation of a semi and trailers,
  • Saskatchewan Municipal Hail Insurance for donation of Hail Insurance ,
  • Corteva and Alisha Thompson for donation of Chemical.


Tye Olson, Crop Inputs Manager for Richardson Pioneer and one of the coordinators of the event stated:

Members from both the Estevan Curling Club and the 2022 Centennial Cup approached Richardson Pioneer in the early spring about a crop share project to help these two organizations raise money. A substantial project such as this requires a lot of equipment and Redhead Equipment willingly stepped up, donating their time and efforts to seed, spray and harvest the crop. Richardson Pioneer then went about securing donations from our trusted suppliers. Bayer Crop Science, Brett Young, Nufarm, Mosaic, and Corteva all donated a series of Chemical, Seed and Fertilizer.

We would have been nowhere without the assistance of A & D Trucking along with Frehlick Farms to provide equipment to help get the crop to the elevator. Last but not least, Richardson Pioneer provided their guidance and service throughout the year. The land was put to Roundup Ready canola based on previous years’ history. The crop went in later than had been hoped because we needed to spend the extra time getting it in shape to seed and the wind fought us every time we went to work the land. The conditions were not favorable at the start to get a good catch and we were quite dry. We managed to catch a rain, in late May, to help germination. Weed pressure was particularly high, we needed to apply Roundup throughout the growing season to ensure we gave the canola the best catch. It was then harvested in the first week of September.

The first year of this project, however, proved quite successful as the conditions we had, presented many challenges for us on this piece of land. Richardson Pioneer is pleased to be involved with both organizations and we value the hard working volunteers who make these projects happen. COVID presented and continues to present some very interesting dynamics for both organizations, when it comes to fundraising. It is our hope, through this project, we can hopefully take some of the financial burden off the community in these trying times.