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Bruins Honour Memory Of Community Leader: Ron Areshenkoff

On Saturday, December 21st, the Estevan Bruins held a small pregame ceremony and moment of silence for an integral community leader in Estevan who recently passed away: 62-year-old Ron Areshenkoff.

Ron Areshenkoff, who died on Sunday, December 15th in his hometown of Grand Forks, BC, was a hugely impactful member of the community of Estevan during his 20+ years in the City. His contributions to the Estevan Bruins were largely felt through two major initiatives: first as the Chairperson of the ‘Fundraising Dinner’ committee that helped construct the events centre now known as Affinity Place from 2006 – 2011, and secondly as part of the steering committee for the massively successful 2016 Western Canada Cup.

Both of those initiatives are now key reasons why the City of Estevan and the Bruins have been awarded the 2022 Centennial Cup, the National Junior A Championship.

VIDEO: Estevan Bruins To Host 2022 Centennial Cup

The Estevan Bruins and the City of Estevan will long be grateful of the impact and legacy that Ron Areshenkoff has left behind. Below is the script for the pregame ceremony and moment of silence that was presented at the Bruins’ home game on Saturday, December 21st, 2019.

“The City of Estevan lost a tremendous community leader last Sunday, when Ron Areshenkoff passed away in his hometown of Grand Forks, BC at the age of 62.”

“Ron was involved in several community organizations that benefited Estevan, possibly none more important than as the Chairperson of the Fundraising Dinners that helped build Affinity Place.”

“Ron was also on the steering committee for the 2016 Western Canada Cup hosted by the Estevan Bruins. And most recently, Ron was involved in the committee to bring a AAA Midget team to Estevan starting next season.”

“Could you all now please rise, and join us in a moment of silence in memory of Ron Areshenkoff.”

As well, Estevan Mercury Publications wrote a tremendous article outlining more of Areshenkoff’s contributions to Estevan. You can read the full story HERE.

Ron Areshenkoff, during the 2016 Western Canada Cup announcement. (Photo: Estevan Mercury Publications)