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RESULTS: 2023 Estevan Bruins Jersey Auction

It was an incredible night on Saturday as the Estevan Bruins annual Jersey Auction fundraiser concluded and huge money was raised for the team!

Between the Live Auction of 6 players jerseys during the 2nd intermission of the Bruins’ game vs Notre Dame, and the 17 players who had their white jerseys auctioned off online, a grand total of $17,940 was raised on Saturday!

Mack Auction Company was brought in to provide a professional auctioneer for the Live Auction. A total of $9,950. was raised from the 6 jerseys, led by Mitch Kohner’s jersey which raised $2,350 on it’s own, purchased by Overshot Oilfield Contracting.

2 – Aleksa Babic: $1,600. Purchaser: Pierson Family

9 – Cody Davis: $1,750. Purchaser: Davis Family

17 – Mitch Kohner: $2,350. Purchaser: Overshot Oilfield Contracting

18 – Kade Runke: $1,000. Purchaser: Jordon Blanche

22 – Jag Phangura: $1,250. Purchaser: Wade Baldwin

35 – Cam Hrdlicka: $2,000. Purchaser: Overshot Oilfield Contracting

Norm Mack. Photo: Lemon Wedge Marketing Group

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The online auction wrapped up at midnight with plenty of bids coming in at the last minute. The ‘3 minute rule’ was implemented at the end of the auction. This ‘3 minute rule’ stipulated any party who bids online within the last 3 minutes of closing time will trigger an automatic extension of a further 3 minutes of online bidding. This 3 minute trigger continued until 3 minutes elapsed without any further competing bids and a winning bid is achieved.

The rule came into play on multiple jerseys, with a back-and-forth on Tyler Guy’s #24 jersey ended driving up the price to the $1,000 mark which was won by Kim Hagen. Ultimately, the online auction of 17 jerseys brought in $7,990 for the Estevan Bruins.

5 – Kaelan Whittingham: $300. Purchaser: Kim Hagen

8 – Garett Zasitko: $300. Purchaser: Matt Marchuk

10 – Holdin Getzlaf: $750. Purchaser: Joshua House

11 – Gabriel Filion: $450. Purchaser: Melanie Laplante

12 – Keagon Little: $1,400. Purchaser: Kim Hagen

14 – Dan O’Neill: $340. Purchaser: Cody Balon

16 – Brady Wilson: $280. Purchaser: Robert Wilson

19 – Sal Collora: $320. Purchaser: Marcel B

20 – Tim Tychonick: $270. Purchaser: Tammy Sernick

21 – Robbie Stewart: $270. Purchaser: Joey Stewart

23 – Evan Forrest: $310. Purchaser: Laura Beatty

24 – Tyler Guy: $1,000. Purchaser: Kim Hagen

25 – Ilia Chmelevski: $300. Purchaser: BDM Roofing

26 – Sam McPeak: $250. Purchaser: Alexis Ciepliski

27 – Owen Miley: $280. Purchaser: Conrad & Kandyce Meili

28 – Owen Barrow: $320. Purchaser: Steven Barrow

35 – Jackson Miller: $850. Purchaser: Rod Moroz