Saskatchewan Junior Hockey League

Results From 2023 Calcutta Shootout

The Estevan Bruins hosted another successful Calcutta Shootout Fundraiser on Saturday night at Affinity Place.

1st Place: Kaelan Whittingham

2nd Place: Ryan Pilon (Guest Shooter)

3rd Place: Mitch Kohner

In total, $1,135 was raised for the Estevan Bruins. While the other $1,135 was split between the 5 winning bids.

1st – Jan Nijman: $340.50Kaelan Whittingham

2nd – Hannah Strautman: $227.00Ryan Pilon (guest shooter)

3rd – Terri Soderbeck: $113.50Mitch Kohner

Goalie – Preston Martindale $227.00Cam Hrdlicka (over .800 SV%)

Goalie – Jesse Ewen $227.00Jackson Miller (under .700 SV%)